Luca's Theme

Who is Luca?

Luca Brasi may be known to many as the muscle behind Vito Corleone’s operation but he came to us as a baby Italian Greyhound who needed a home. We adopted him at 12 weeks of age from a family that couldn’t care for him. He loves playing fetch, chasing the cats and snuggling to keep warm when it’s nap time. On Saturday, September 1, Luca was trying to impersonate a bird when he jumped onto the sofa and leaped into the air faster than his mom and dad could catch him. When he landed, he broke his right front leg in two places. We took him to his emergency vet right away but unfortunately, little Luca needed surgery or else he could become lame.

We set up the Luca Fund to help pay for his surgery and hospital bills, which total $3,000. Once the goal of $3,000 is reached, we will donate to support Hazeljane’s Blessings, our local Italian Greyhound rescue.